How To Cut Your baby's Nails?

How To Cut Your baby's Nails?

The newborn baby is like an angel, delicate and tender to handle. But the sharp nails that grows through their fingers are not less than a devil. The fine small nails, pose a big threat to their soft skin. Since the tiny miny moe's have no control over their muscles, they accidentally scratch selves with edged nails while waiving or simply moving. At times, these underestimated nails could be acute enough to bleed the skin.

I have seen many parents biting their nails when it comes to clipping infant spikes. Though a little consideration can help in this matter.


How To Cut Nails Of Your Baby?

These are some do’s you may opt for, while clipping your baby’s nails -

  • Best time:

     It is important that right time is chosen to do this task. I always preferred sleep time as it gave me full control over holding my babies hand. One can also choose to cut them after bath as nails are too soft after being wet. Remember if your child is awake while clipping, seek help from your partner
  • Right light:

     Another fact to consider is proper lightning. In dim light we tend to nick the fingers
  • Choosing right clipper:

     Always use the handy and small nail pad that is specially designed for tiny fingers. A pair of baby scissors could be used to trim nails
  • Good position:

     Keep your child in your lap and hold the hand firmly. If child is awake, try to distract with music or toy so that she doesn't withdraw her hand
  • Cutting:

     In very initial days, the nails are too fragile that you can easily rip off the extra with hands or scissors. At the same time, be careful while you use your hands as it could peel them very low. Use the finger pad in curve, to cut nails, avoiding contact to skin. Stick to the ends only
  • Trim or File:

     If the nails are short and you need to dim the sharpness, just file them using a soft filler. Never use metal build, as they are harsh on skin
  • Frequency:

     The nails on toes grow much slower than the ones on hands. You need to clip them once or twice a week and the toenails to be clipped frequently

Things To Avoid While You Clip Nails

  • Avoid dim light to bypass any injuries
  • Don't use mouth to cut nails as it may transfer infection from mouth to baby fingers
  • Don't cut too low as it may be painful for the child
  • Use baby nail cutters only with an appropriate pair of scissors with blunt ends
  • In case of emergency or bleeding, stay calm and wash it with cold water and then wrap to stop blood quickly. Don't apply bandage, as it pose choking threat in infants

The simplest task of maintaining nails, seems so tedious with a baby. Nevertheless, it could turn easier with more attention and care. Don't feel nervous when you do it for the very first time. And remember, nobody is perfect. So learn, experience and be the master!

Happy clipping!

Team Baby Bless